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Good Day, [AGENT] here from LETS STARTUP AMERICA. Can I please speak to the person in charge of marketing or the owner?

ATTENTION: Must be the decision maker or a person who identify himself as a decision influencer (no assistants who don’t know if the boss want or not)
Just have a very simple and short question. You will be getting a call from a social media startup agency and getting some free, no-obligation advice. The expert will inform you about the possibilities, the added value and what you could achieve with a social media campaign. So when would the social media expert be allowed to call once for a free consultation? It’s a short concise call with no obligations. So… what suits you best… a call in the morning, evening or afternoon?
>> Must be a positive Feedback from the Customer
Ok, great. Then I have everything so far. Please write down the code word UNICORN so that you can remember it right away. Have a great day. Bye.