UK - The BIG Business Pitch - smiling and dialing

Good afternoon, [AGENT] calling from THE BIG BUSINESS PITCH.
Am I speaking with the owner of the Company?

IF NO: Could I speak to the owner please? It’s about your social media presence and the opportunities that may have been left behind. Here we have a FREE offer today. I will sell you nothing. Just great informations.

IF YES: Great, I’ll tell you briefly what it’s about. OK!

At THE BIG BUSINESS PITCH, we help startups connect with established companies. We have a really great opportunity for this right now. OK! You’ll get a free, no-obligation proposal on how you can use social media to achieve even more for your company without spending big budgets. OK!

Would you be open to listening to a completely free proposal in the next few days? Would be just a quick call. If it’s a good fit for you then we’ll move on, if not then it was a well spent 10 minutes to learn more about your opportunities. That’s it… Is that okay for you?
Great, then I have only 3 short questions about it

Great, when would be a good time to reach you in general?