Hello good day, [AGENT] here from Payment Processing Canada, am I talking to the company owner?
ATTENTION: Must be the decision maker or a person who identify himself as a decision influencer (no assistants who don’t know if the boss want or not)
It’s about your credit card terminal. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are new regulations for Mastercard and Visa. The transaction fees have now been capped. This gives you now the new option to switch to a lower rate of only 0.05% on all the payments.
In order to change the contract, the key account manager will contact you shortly to briefly present you the adjusted options and set the lower fees for you permanently.
Would you like a call back in 15 to 20 minutes or would you prefer tomorrow?
Great… thank you very much. Let me fastly note down your Full name please.

And.. is this the best number to reach you?

On any customer question, just say: You know what, i will let someone call you back immediately so answer you all the questions. I am only doing the appointments.

If later then tomorrow, note a exact date