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Hi, my name is [AGENT] calling you from the EAA. How are you?

Don’t worry its not a sales call. I Just want to figure out whos the right contact person for my request.

Our company does FREE Lunch & Learn Stress Management workshops for all the employees there, and then cater a Free lunch for everyone. Yes its true, its really a free lunch for all of you guys. ———–  Do you know who I would speak to about emailing some more information for review?


Thank you perfect, can you please connect me with him?
ATTENTION: If receptionist says „there not available right now“, get there first & last name & try to get email address. Also ask to leave voicemail –  If receptionist doesn’t know who to direct you to ask; “Would it be the local Director of H.R., Director of Ops, Director of the Wellness Committee, Administrator or a Manager of some sort?”.

Hi [CLIENT NAME], My name is [AGENT], I am the Executive Director of Public Events with the Employee Awareness Association. I was told you were the person to speak to in regards to possibly scheduling a Free Lunch & Learn Stress Management workshop for the employees there, where we cater the Free lunch afterwards, its really fun and sooo good for your employees….

So what we do is, we have a local doctor that’s right there in your area, that comes out to your location and does about a 25 minute workshop either on, Winning the Battle on Stress, Increasing Productivity, Healthy Living, those kinds of topics, and then we cater a FREE Lunch for all the employees who attend.

We also have 12 different topics you can choose from, i can send you by email. Right now we are scheduling out as far as 4 month from now.

We set up & organize the entire event, as far as sending you the sign-up sheet, the email flyers, & order the lunch, so you don’t have to do any of the work. So what day of the week works best for you?

### PAUSE, let them answer ###

IF HE/HER CANT DECIDE NOW: I will be happy to send you this in black and white by email and we will talk again in the next few days. ok?

Just to make sure… I have some questions

Great… Thank you, i’ll forward this to the Headquarter in California, they will call you to confirm the appointment. Have a great day


ATTENTION: Always smile when you do calls
Speak SLOW and SELF-CONFIDENT, dont read word by word. Tell your Story to the customer.
FOCUS: Get the eMail Address!

Dont forget to reschedule Calls!


What is the cost of the presentation? 
There is no solicitation or obligation with our workshops. Also there will be nothing sold. Its just FREE also incl. the Lunch.
What’s the catch?
We have no availability during lunch. We can’t all go at the same time!
What kind of Doctor’s are they?
They are Naturopath’s.
The presenter pay for the events. For them is networking. Their goal is to enlighten and to make themselves known as a possible expert.
How long are the presentations?

Typical presentations are 25 to 35 minutes long, followed by a 10 to 15 minute session of questions and answers. Please keep in mind the length of the presentation may be adjusted to accommodate time constraints and logistical circumstances.




Hello my name is [AGENT] from EAA. Please call me back at 516 210 4414 to schedule a free Lunch and Learn session with your staff. Absolutely free and it's so much fun. Look forward to your call at 516 210 4414 Ms. Wendy Rose will take the call.